DN Antimaterial Rifle

Designated the DN501, this is one of the few DarkNight weapons chambered for a calibre more powerful than the standard 10 mm.

The composite and ceramics rifle is intended for use against heavily armoured personnel, light structures, and vehicles, tapping into the wide range of specialist rounds available in 12.7 mm.

It is gas-operated, fed from a detachable five-round box magazine, and features an integral bipod and electronic scope. A suppressor/silencer, recoil compensation, and laser sight can all be mounted.

The weapon breaks down into five parts for ease of carrying.

It weighs 10 kg.

DarkNight offers the rifle for 32000u.

Game Use:

DN501 Clip 5 Calibre 12.7mm ROF 1 Recoil 8 Range 200m

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