Open Circulatory Armour

Originally envisioned as an environmental protection suit for vevaphons, the Open Circulatory Armour concept has been adapted for use by other races – within limits.

The power chassis, 3000 hour energy supply, and ceramic plating with layered ballistic foil linings and air-tight seals are nothing out of the ordinary. It is the internal life-support system which marks this armour as the radical design that it is. Literally cutting edge, this system depends on the wearers major blood vessels being punctured and connected to the armour via flexible probes. Once sealed up, the armour will be flooded with a biogenetic blood analogue – the main difficulty in adapting the idea from vevaphons to stormers and non-biogenetics – that will be pumped both around and through the wearer via magnetic pumps. Vevaphons can easily subsist on the nutrients and breath gases in the fluid for upwards of 100 hours, but for other races the practical limit under moderate activity is currently closer to 36 hours.

A suit of Open Circulatory Armour costs 1400c, refilling the armour’s reservoirs after use costs 8c.

Game Use:

Open Circulatory Armour PV 8 Head 15 Torso 40 Arms 22 Legs 26

Use of the Open Circulatory Armour life support system causes 2 PS. Vevaphons are not affected by this stress.

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