Ragin is a Karma manufactured rage generator, a class of mood altering substances for combat applications. Lacking the systemic effects of high-powered combat drugs, Ragin has a radically improved safety profile, with minimal abuse potential. It provides a safe and economic alternative for long-term use and low-intensity combat.

Ragin is SCL-unlocked for Company Militia and licensed paramilitary formations. A standard SCL-lock remains in place to safeguard against abuse by civilians and employees outside the security forces.

Ragin is sold in week-packages of 7 doses, with a single package priced at 11c.

Game Use:

Game Effects: +2 to COOL rolls and +1 to PHYS rolls for 12 hours.

Addiction: -1 PHYS per 10 doses

Detox. Effects: -1 CONC, -1 DIA permanent

Addiction: Permanent

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