Legend of the 7 Moons

One of the plethora of collectible games which emerged after OSE lost their monopoly, Legend of the 7 Moons (L7M for short) draws heavily on Shaktar legend and folklore for inspiration. Like most representations of Shaktar culture in the mainstream media it has come under critique by the red-skinned warrior aliens, who do not take kindly to the many liberties the game takes with what they consider to be their race’s sacred history and traditions. These attacks seem reflexive though, as Shaktar who went to the length of studying the game more closely actually give it praise for the way it paints Shaktar virtues – although they might be embedded in a fantastic background which has little to do with the legends it was founded upon.

L7M uses the standard random booster-pack format, with a single booster retailing for 3u.

Game Use:

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