The CAT, short for Close-combat anti-tank, is a unique type of industrial melee weapon meant for assaults on armoured vehicles. It combines heavy powered penetration spikes with high intensity plasma torch systems for melting armour and wreaking massive damage on internal components. Its weight and bulk make it difficult to use against mobile targets such as infantry, and even then the plasma elements are next to useless in these attacks; but up-close against vehicular targets this kitty has a mean scratch.

At 11 kg the CAT is not a light weapon, whose internal power supply even then is barely sufficient for 500 hours. Such is the energy focused in its combined vibro-plasma strikes.

CATs are available at a price of 380c.

Game Use:

CAT Skill Industrial DAM 3 PEN 5 AD 3

Attacks against humanoid and animal targets are at -6 to hit.

Against vehicles the PEN of the CAT is 20, and both DAM and AD increase by the factor 10.

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