Ebb Grenade

The compact variable kinetic pulse core, better known as the ebb grenade, is an ingenious little piece of ebb engineering. An ebb-user trained in force ebb kinetics can calculate an area effect or bomb centred on an ebb grenade. This will activate the grenade’s glyph matrices, providing not only the needed flux for the effect, but also postponing the manifestation of the calculated ability for a preset duration.

Ebb grenades are one-use items, as they are consumed by the force kinetic bomb.

An ebb grenade costs 80c.

Game Use:

An ebb grenade reduces the flux cost of a bomb to 0. The bomb will be centred on the ebb grenade after 0.6 to 30 seconds.

Ebb grenades can be thrown using the Throw skill.

Ebb grenades cannot be used together with flintlocks.

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