The Bulwark class ion-drive battleship was the pride of the conflict era new Prussian space navy. Faster, better armed and more heavily armoured than most other ion warship of her time, the Bulwark became a priority target for other conflict fleets.

Now, the hulk of this masterpiece of conflict war technology has been discovered drifting in empty space. Even with her spine broken and the hull cratered by centuries old weapons’ fire and more recent meteorite impacts the sight of the once mighty ship is still awe-inspiring. From her prow jut remains of sensor assemblies along with the barrels scores of kinetic kill weapons, the openings of missile launch-tubes and ancient energy cannons, her flanks still hint at the placements of the defensive systems which once studded them and which ultimately failed to protect the Bulwark or her crew of nearly a thousand.

Plans to convert the Bulwark into a museum are rumoured to be discussed. If they come true, this will be one big reason to make a trip into the centre of nowhere.

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