Conrad P-008.8

Conrad already was an established arm’s maker long before the rise of SLA Industries. During the conflict war era which preceded the formation of the World of Progress Conrad supplied the human military of New Prussia with their most prevalent sidearm, the P-008.8.

The pistol was chambered for a shortened version of the 8.8 mm rifle round, then the military standard, giving the P-008.8 excellent penetration and a good damage profile. The downside was the limited magazine capacity. Also, the all-metal construction led to the P-008.8 being quite heavy, which helped to partially offset the recoil caused by the powerful round though. The P-008.8 could accept sights and other targeting implements but was not designed to be fitted with silencers, flash suppressors or recoil baffles.

Working replicas of the P-008.8 are available from Conrad in limited numbers. They weigh 1.2 kg and are sold for 500c. Standard rounds for these pistols cost 4c.

Game Use:

P-008.8 Clip 8 Calibre 8.8mm ROF 2/1 Recoil 3 Range 14m

8.8mm Pistol STD PEN 12 DAM 4 AD 1

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