Fluid Flesh

A product of the biogenetic think tanks of Orienta Fluid Flesh is designed to replace massive losses of tissues due to major traumatic injuries. Fluid Flesh takes the form of cells suspended in specialised biogenetic amniotic fluids. The suspension can be easily applied to the areas of tissue loss, where the carrier fluids can be either removed by the treating physician or left in place to be quickly absorbed by the surrounding healthy body cells. Once this excess fluid is gone the Fluid Flesh cells rapidly graft themselves to the host organism, forming what is effectively extensive scar tissue. But the process does not stop there. The biogenetic cells which comprise Fluid Flesh carry some traits normally associated with competent stem cells, and, after forming their first scarry plug of the wound, begin to transform into cells of types appropriate to what was destroyed by the initial injury, taking cues for this from the surviving cells they have come in contact with.

Fluid Flesh is sold in packets containing 500 ml of suspension at a price of 35c.

Game Use:

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  1. Suggestion for game use; Reduce recovery time from serious injuries by 30%


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