Heroes Inc. G-Plate

Heroes Inc., an independent company based on the planet Venture, manufactures the G-Plate powered armour suits for use by its own security forces. G-Plate armour consists of a lightweight ballistic shock-absorbent full body suit with mounting points for an outer layer of articulate ceramic plating. Movement and power-systems are integrated in the heavy outer plates, while the body suit incorporates the necessary force-feedback and control systems to lend full mobility to the wearer. The combination of strong ceramics and fibre armour offers exceptional levels of protection, though the armour is difficult both to don and repair. G-Plate suits come without integral helmets, though different helmets can be combined with the armour. Internal power is sufficient for 4000 hours of use.

G-Plate is not exported by Heroes Inc.. On Venture’s internal market a suit sells for 15000D (Heroes Inc. Data-scrip).

Game Use:

G-Plate PV 17 Head – Torso 180 Arms 100 Legs 130

G-Plate protects from impact damage.


  1. Are there going to be any helmets on this blog?


  2. Würde mal vermuten, auch wenn hier vom Macher, scheinbar nicht geantwortet wird. Hätte ja sonst auch gefragt was so generell aus der Idee “Venture” so geworden ist und ob es da auch irgendwann mal was zu gibt…


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