Surgical Gloves

Forget Helmets. Wear Gloves.

The Surgical Glove is an advanced modular medical system. The light glove does not impede manual dexterity, while providing a host of internal systems and mounting points for diagnostic, surgical and other medical implements and supporting technologies to qualified medical operatives and practicioners.

Up to two modular systems can be mounted on each finger and the thumb, while on the back of the hand six ports for chippylinks or additional specialised equipment are provided. Some items might also be integrated into the palm of the Surgical Glove.

The available options include, but are not limited to a variety of powered and unpowered scalpels and blades for different tissues (finger), lamp (finger), oxymeter (finger), stiff and flexible probes (finger), ultrasonic imager (palm or finger), camera (finger), medical expert computer system (chippylink), defibrillator (palm and link for external power), tissue sampler (finger), scissors (two fingers), HUD, monocle, monitor or other graphical output device (chippylink), laser scalpel (finger), inoculator (finger), cauterisator (finger), x-ray imager (palm), cannula (finger) with options for vacuum blood sampling (link), compressed air single dose drug ampoule (finger), compressed air ten dose drug reservoir (link), radio-therapy emitter (finger), micro bone saw (finger), strength enhancement (one mount on each finger), endoscopic probe (finger or link) with camera, laser, cutter or gripper attachment, suction pump (finger), marker pen (finger), surgical staple gun (finger and link), thermometer (finger), pressure sensor (finger) and automated surgical needle (finger) and thread-spool (link).

Apart from this, integral features of the Surgical Glove provide ultra-sensitive force feedback, offsetting any loss of tactile sensation, advanced protection to the user’s hand, as well as a power supply guaranteeing 5000 hours of operational life.

A Surgical Glove weights 0.5 kg and costs 600c.

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  1. B_u_G, wann hast Du denn Dein Deutsch verlernt?


  2. I was thinking about something like that, but then I thought that having all the items available in the first place would be enough of an advantage (after all the maintenance kit or the scout helmet(!) also give no skill modifiers).


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