Got Soft Juice? – energy drinks for SLA Operatives

SJPLet’s face it: You cannot stay hyped on UV all day.
Well, you can, but even with an iv shot from that patented miracle syringe of liquid rage it gets kinda hard to run on an empty battery. So, sit down, have one of these, and then get back into the thick of things.

All listed products have been exclusively developed for the Operative market under the SLA Industries Soft Juice Program (905 SD).

Millilitres, that is, though it certainly hits you like it was millimetres and leaves you wondering whether the metallic taste is from the bullet or your own blood. 17 ml of concentrated Stormer-grade stimulants topped off with a meal’s worth of nutrients and isotonic fluid. Everything else is small stuff.
1c per 500 ml osmotic bag
Game Effects: None

Black Wraith: Polo Tea
Stop breaking a sweat. Black Wraith: Polo Tea quickly replenishes energy levels in fast muscle and helps to regain thermal balance after strenuous activity. Drinking engine coolant never has been this refreshing.
3u per 500 ml plastic bottle
Game Effects: -1 Stress for Wraith Raiders

Free Fall x_X
7u per 500 ml can
Game Effects: +1 COOL for 5 minutes

The Golden Devil’s Axe
The recipe for GDA was found on ancient scrolls unearthed from Shaktar holy warriors’ tombs. This energy drink focuses mind and body and brings them in perfect unison. Tranquility. Transgression. Transcendence.
2c per 330 ml clay pot
Game Effects: None

Maybe. Be. Be free.
Libertine is the new shit on the streets of Mort. 250 ml of pure taurine from the Shaktarian bull which tastes like a chili pepper raped a raspberry. It does not only pump pure adrenaline through your frail body but also enhances your fertility in a truly MANLY manner.
Maybe. Be. Be free.
5u per 250 ml can
Game Effects: -1 on Seduction rolls for 1 hour

The massive corporate sponsorship of the 905 SD Soft Juice Program led to literally tens of thousands of different energy drinks being created and marketed to SLA Industries’ Operatives.

Roll 1d10 for each of the columns below to create your own random outgrowth of the program.

Roll Name 1 Name 2 Name 3 Container Main Ingredient Taste 1 Taste 2 Price Game Effect
1 Ruby Mortal Roll again on Name 1 Glass bottle Stimulants Refreshing Lime 1u 1 PS due to palpitations
2 Ambrosia Life Green Plastic bottle Hormones Sweet Superberry 2u None
3 Diamond Power Blue Can Ionised minerals Neutral Choclate 3u None
4 Contract Iron Laser IV drip Herbs Sour Caramel 4u None
5 SLAke Hell 55 Injection pen Steroids Salty Cream 5u None
6 Pink Hydro Fire Vial Neurotransmitters Bitter Carrot 6u None
7 Soul Roll again on Name 3 Potion Two compartment can Quick-release ATP Syrupy Gummibears 7u None
8 Iced Venom Black Powder (add water) Radio-glucose Fruity Starfruit 8u None
9 Toxyc Slaughter Blade Carton (with straw) Radical oxygen Double Herbs 9u None
0 Conflict Roll again on Taste 2 Metabol-Rex Can Roll again twice Burning Rain 1c +1 on CONC and DIA rolls for 10 minutes

Some examples we rolled up to test the table:

Ambrosia Iron 55 comes in a glass bottle. Its main active ingredient is concentrated steroids. It tastes like lime (very fruity) and costs 1c per bottle. It has no special game effects.

Toxyc Slaughter Green contains a high percentage of radio-glucose (that is sugar saturated with radioactive carbon isotopes). Despite this, it tastes amazingly like a double treat of carrots. It’s packaged in a (lead-lined) carton complete with drinking straw and costs 9u. It has no game effects.

Ruby Power Blue delivers an extra load of neurotransmitters (causing severe palpitations (1 PS) as an unfortunate side effect). It costs 6u per drinking carton (with straw) and manages to taste like salted starfruit.

Diamond Mortal: Blue tastes of somewhat bland caramel. It contains mainly ionised minerals which in such concentrations tend to induce palpitations (1 PS). Each can costs 1u.

Ruby Slaughter 55 also comes in a drinking carton (still with straw). It’s labelled as tasting of lime, though its high load of steroids lend it a burning aftertaste. It costs 1u and has no game effects.

SLA Industries cannot be held liable for any harm incurred due to consumption of products marketed under the Soft Juice Program (905 SD).

SLA Industries and all associated names (with the exception of the Soft Juice Program and the listed energy drinks) are the Intellectual Property of Dave Allsop and/or Nightfall Games and protected by Copyright. These items have been used unofficially and quoted exclusively as reference with no infringement on any associated rights intended and without implying endorsement by the copyright holder. Other contents of this articles are published under the following license:
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SLA Industries und alle verbundenen Namen (mit Ausnahme des Soft Juice Program und der gelisteten Energy Drinks) sind Geistiges Eigentum von Dave Allsop und/oder Nightfall Games und urheberrechtlich geschützt. Diese Elemente wurden inoffiziell und ausschließlich als Referenz zitiert ohne die Absicht damit verbundene Rechte anzufechten und ohne eine Billigung durch den Rechteinhaber zu implizieren. Andere Inhalte dieses Artikels werden unter folgender Lizenz veröffentlicht:
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