Disposable Assault Rifle

SLA Equipment
A whole class of weapons, all with barely any even cosmetic differences to the trendsetter, the Kommissar DAR by Czarevna Arms, disposable assault rifles come as a ready to use package of emergency firepower. Just remove from its sealed plastic wrapper and start blasting away.

All components are proofed to hold up to a 20+ years shelflife unused, and guaranteed to perform without failure for five bursts of three rounds each once the weapon is removed from the wrapper.

The blocky composite casing moulded – in Perceptive Grey or Vintage Sepia depending on production run – with its lack of any openings besides the barrel and any armatures besides the trigger underline the no-nonsense approach to armed defense.

Does not accept any accessoires. Non-reloadable.

2 kg, 70c, fully loaded with 15 rounds of 10mm standard.

Game Use:
Disposable Assault Rifle Clip 15 Calibre 10mm ROF 3 Recoil 8 Range 12m

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