Vevaphon Imprinting

SLA Equipment
Imprinting of genetic information from an individual allows a vevaphon to overcome the normal limits of its shapechanging abilities when it comes to portraying members of other species, enabling them to achieve a perfect likeness of the individual whose information they were imprinted with.

Doppelganger Institute makes imprints available at a cost of 1,000c. Doppelganger Institute cannot be held liable for any potential infringements of personality rights or copyrights by individual vevaphons, which hold sole responsibility for clearing rights to both obtain the necessary tissue samples or genetic information and to use the imprints.

Game Use:
An imprint allows a vevaphon to imitate a specific individual, from whom a sufficient tissue sample or genetic information is available.
A vevaphon can only have one imprint at a time. If a new imprint is made, the benefits of the old imprint are lost.

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