2000 – and counting

2000 articles (or 2001 if including this one here).

Time to have another look at the distribution of our articles across gaming material versus other stuff, as we did when reaching 500, 600, 750, 1000, and 1750 articles.

The 250 new articles (excluding this one) are distributed as follows:

215 articles qualify as material.
16 articles do not qualify as material.
19 articles are inbetween.

That gives us 86.0 – 93.6 % of “material” (without respectively with counting inbetweens), this is a worse rate than last time, although that former count was distorted to some degree by the import of the SLA Industries Equipment Log.

In total, 1614 material articles and 172 borderline articles now yield us 80.7 – 89.3 % overall.

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