12.7mm LETHE Ammunition

Explosive incendiary ammunition is restricted on Mort due to the inherent danger posed by its use in such a densely built-up urban environment. Under different conditions these rounds have proven highly effective, from security operations in the wastelands to military applications on war worlds.

A single round of LETHE ammunition in calibre 12.7mm costs 7c.

Game Use:

12.7mm LETHE Pistol PEN 6 DAM 7 AD 6

12.7mm LETHE Rifle PEN 7 DAM 12 AD 6

One phase after suffering a penetrating hit causing a wound the target of a LETHE round suffers an additional 2 (pistol) or 3 (rifle) points of damage and an additional wound.

In case of a non-penetrating hit (no wound) the target suffers 3 points of armour damage instead.

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