0/2 – new gadgets and gizmos for SLA Industries

In a world, where progress reigns supreme, 0 is a partisan. Or as close to a partisan as you can get whilst being employed by SLA Industries as a Contract Killer.

She is well read, highly educated and very, very deadly. Her mental and intellectual capabilities are in fact her greatest asset in the Circuit, only second to here eclectic choice of equipment, which has baffled many opponents and has turned many a battle in her favour.

0 approaches each match differently, often switching her combat style to fit her chosen equipment.

The following 10 items represent a cross-section of the gadgets and gizmos at her disposal and subsequently the variety of her combat tactics.

Threat Lenses
These optical enhancements take the shape of regular contact lenses. They appear to be etched with nano-circuitry of unknown providence, though their function becomes readily apparent as soon as a skilled wearer such as 0 dons them.
The lenses provide visual cues to heighten threat awareness and assist in analysis, lending their wearer almost preternatural reactions if interpreted correctly.
Game Effects:

All hand-to-hand combat attacks against the wearer suffer a penalty to hit equal to half the wearer’s ranks in Evaluate Opponent.

Thermo-Optical Camouflage Cape
Resembling a poncho, it is unclear whether this is conflict-era technology or some sort of SLA prototype. The Science Friction like materials suggest the latter, whereas 0’s exploits as a rogue archaeologist suggest the former.
The poncho itself is powered by some sort of energy source, and when activated makes the wearer disappear in a short flicker of reflected light and only leaves a very quick moving blur in any onlookers’ peripheral field of vision.
After its first use on-screen, 0 has been hesitant to put the poncho into action again. It has been rumoured, the use of this “magical cape of invisibility” has been deemed “not fit for TV” by producers and executives alike.
Game Effects:
The thermo-optical camouflage cape imposes a -5 visibility penalty to ranged attacks versus the wearer. This effect lasts for 2 rounds and requires a 3 round re-charging period inbetween use.

Red Weave
Less an item than a line, 0’s habitual crimson attire is custom tailored by a variety of the World of Progress’ top designers under the Red Weave label as part of one of her main sponsorship deals.
The trademark fabrics are not only lined with Velkra, but, true to form for the subversive archaeologist, laced with thermally aligned Science Friction compounds, recovered from ancient Ebon sites. Her garments thus provide not only adequate protection from physical assaults, but also render her immune to some of the most destructive Ebb abilities commonly employed.
Game Effects:
PV 4 Head 4 Torso 11 Arms 6 Legs 8
As long as at least 1 point of ID remains in each location, the wearer cannot be affected by any Blue or Red Thermal abilities, including effects such as the damage caused by Ice Blade.

Momentum Disperser
This curious item of unknown manufacture was recovered from a conflict era wreck and subsequently ‘appropriated’ by 0 along with its companion device. It takes the shape of a flat disc of an un-identified dull grey metal approximately 20 cm across and with a hole in the middle fitting the Aggregator.
Apparently activated by skin contact and powered by unknown means, the device bleeds kinetic energy from living creatures within 2 m of it. The mechanism by which this is achieved could not be identified before the item came into possession of 0. Attempts at Flux detection during circuit outings proved inconclusive so far.
Game Effects:
As long as the Momentum Disperser remains in skin contact with a living person, the Strength of all living creatures (including biogenetic lifeforms, but excluding manchines, drones and similar) within 2 m of the device is halved. This limits usable maximum ranks in Strength-based skills and lowers the carrying capacity and damage bonus appropriately, but does not affect Physique or Hits. The creature holding the device is also affected.
If the Momentum Disperser and Momentum Aggregator would both affect the same creature at the same time, the effects cancel each other out – for the creature holding the Aggregator only. Other targets are still affected by the Disperser as normal.

Momentum Aggregator
Stolen by 0 together with the Disperser, this cylindrical device produces a diametrically opposite effect. It increases the force of movement unfolding from muscular action by the one carrying it. In doing so, it greatly enhances effective strength – completely cancels out the detrimental influence of its companion.
Game Effects:
As long as the Momentum Aggregator remains in skin contact with a living person, the Strength of this person is doubled. This affects usable maximum ranks in Strength-based skills and increases the carrying capacity and damage bonus appropriately, but does not affect Physique or Hits. Only the creature holding the device is affected.
If the Momentum Disperser and Momentum Aggregator would both affect the same creature at the same time, the effects cancel each other out – for this creature only. Other targets are still affected by the Disperser as normal.

Krow Combat Claw
This is one of the few remaining artefacts of the Krow conflict society. The heavy bladed gauntlet ends in three impossibly long, thin piercing claws. Advanced vibro enhancements make each claw vibrate only along the direct vector of the strike, literally boring through the heaviest armour.
As is common with Krow technology, the power supply of the weapon is quickly expended in these devastating attacks. In fact, each of the three claws is powered separately with just enough energy for one strike each.
The Combat Claw used by 0 has been heavily modified to fit her human anatomy, but otherwise retains all of its original traits.
Game Effects:
DAM 2 PEN 11 AD 2
The Combat Claw may be used either with Blade, 1-H or Martial Arts.
After three attacks it ceases to function.

Jet Pack
This “short distance burst transporation device” is not a jet pack in the strict sense of the word. Two miniature burst engines attached to the wearer’s back propel the user through the air. Fans and commentators alike have dubbed it a “jet pack”, since most of 0’s equipment does not have any discernible branding. This phenomenon extends to a variety of her gizmos and gadgets.
Game Effects:
Enables the wearer to fly at a speed of 25 km/h for 15 seconds bursts, with a 2 rounds cool down period between bursts. This also allows the user to hover to a height of up to 55 m for the 15 seconds of usual flight.

Four Barrel Under Water Dart Gun
Recovered from a now infamous expedition to the planet “Dew”, the four barrel under water dart gun should be considered a weapon for very special circumstances, which yet need to arise. However, this weapon demonstrates the sheer range of weapons and items in 0’s possession.
Game Effects:
Size R Clip 16 Calibre * ROF 4/2/1 Recoil 3 Range 8 m Weight 4 kg
Dart DAM 9 PEN 9 AD 1
Range and other characteristics are not reduced under water.

Electric Cuff-links
These cuff-links incorporate ultra-compact capacitators originally built by the Shade, a conflict society well known for their advanced power storage technology.
The tiny devices can deliver an electric shock every bit as disruptive as the most current generation of Jolt weapons, while appearing as completely inoccuous fashion accessoires to the uninitiated.
Game Effects:
As JoltGlove, but targets unfamiliar with the weapon suffer a -2 penalty to any defensive maneuvres they perform. Each cuff-link can be used once.

Death Ray
The appropriately named “Death Ray” has become a fan favourite over the course of 0’s last several matches. Used to deliver the killing strike, the death ray combines slick lines and relatively small size with devastating effects.
The  weapon’s firing mechanism remains unclear at this point, although “experts” have suggested it to be Ebb-powered.
Game Effects:
Firing the Death Ray requires the Auto/Support skill. The weapon has a range of 100 m and deals 15 points of damage to the first thing it hits, armour/impact damage in the case of armour or vehicles or a corresponding amount of normal damage to creatures. Attacks with the Death Ray never cause wounds.
The Death Ray allows for 15 total shots, 4 of which 0 has already fired.

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