Targets 2021

After the performance evaluation comes the target setting.

The first target is again to maintain our standard output categories:

  • house rules, background ideas, and other material for Blue Planet, D&D, SLA Industries, The Red Star, Unknown Armies, Warhammer 40.000 Roleplay and other games
  • reports and updates on our own homebrews, such as Beutelschneider or Unknown Mobile Suit

The second target is to do the following regular formats and contributions (including a reduction in the number of thematic series from five to a more manageable three):

  • one Ideas Overflow listing/describing ideas that came up in a given month but did not translate into their own article (yet) as the last article each month
  • one list of ten things on the tenth of each month
  • five thematic article series with one article per day for one month, at least one of them in August due to RPG-a-Day
  • an entry for the SLA Industries Equipment Log every tenth artcile
  • a piece of equipment every tenth article
  • a monostichon monster every tenth article

The third – elusive – target remains to finally achieve some substantial progress on at least one of the following SLA Industries projects:

  • the fanzine concept Progress
  • the Opera Program SLA Industries reimagining
  • the Skin Trade Empire sourcebook

The fourth target is:

  • the next edition of Beutelschneider

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