10 Alternate World of Darkness Games

10 Dinge zum 10.

  • Inquisitor: The Reckoning – either a straight-up game of direct action and violence with church men versus monsters or a game about people with strange powers in the clutches of some sort of inquisition
  • Orpheus: The Awakening – this somehow calls for adding an M right at the beginning… magical artists, poets, musicians discovering their (Orphic) powers and using them to awaken others
  • Werewolf: The Awakening – going back to the sort of classic werewolf tale, where the point is, that the werewolves do not remember what they did while transformed and have somehow try to deal with that and retain (or regain) control of their (waking) lives
  • Mage: The Great War – that one just works too well as a straight period piece for the existing games
  • Vampire: The Oblivion – putting more stress on the addiction theme with vampires on a steep downward spiral, losing themselves in the blood
  • Mage: The Requiem – the last remnants of a lost age, magic is vanishing in and around them
  • Werewolf: The Created – shapeshifters as the results of some sort of supersoldier program
  • Promethean: The Sin-Eaters – going for the Greek theme again, but here the characters are the ones being punished (by the gods) for the sins of men
  • Promethean: The Sorcerers Crusade – either an actual mash-up of Promethean and Sorcerers Crusade with the prometheans created as soldiers/weapons by mages or some sort of (magical, firebringing) creatures engaged in a crusade of their own
  • Beast: The Victorian Age – Jack the Ripper, obviously

Full disclosure: We used an early version of these to generate those:

d15 First part
1 Beast
2 Changeling
3 Demon
4 Fae
5 Geist
6 Hunter
7 Inquisitor
8 Kindred
9 Mage
10 Mummy
11 Orpheus
12 Promethean
13 Vampire
14 Werewolf
15 Wraith
d24 Second part
1 The Apocalypse
2 The Ascension
3 The Awakening
4 The Created
5 The Curse
6 The Dark Ages
7 The Descent
8 The Dreaming
9 The East
10 The Fallen
11 The Forsaken
12 The Great War
13 The Lost
14 The Masquerade
15 The Oblivion
16 The Primordial
17 The Reckoning
18 The Requiem
19 The Resurrection
20 The Sin-Eaters
21 The Sorcerers Crusade
22 The Victorian Age
23 The Vigil
24 The Wild West

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