So what kind of fanzine? – One for SLA Industries!

Logo_RSPKarnevalAt the start of November we found ourselves in the unenviable position of having to ask ourselves for which of our regular games we should put together a fanzine.

After some deliberation we finally decided on SLA Industries. (But was there ever any choice, realistically speaking?)

However, for various reasons we quickly abandoned the original plan of cobbling together a one-off “gimmick issue” in November and instead began looking at how something like a “regular” SLA Industries fanzine could be done and what we would imagine it to look like.

Now, trying to step into the shoes of something like tHE bIG pICTURE or the sadly short lived Damage Control, seems like a tall order. At the same time, this exact legacy of exclusively SLA Industries fanzines was one of the drivers to progress from the idea of the single issue gimmick to the challenge of planning an actual fanzine.

What we are currently imagining for Progress (our tentative title) is a pdf version (with maybe a couple of printed copies for personal use) with a classic mixture of “building block”-style articles covering everything from BPNs over equipment and house rules to background/setting descriptions. Among those, there are some we plan to include as regular columns at the moment:

  • Legacy – as (or instead of?) editorials we currently think of looking back at old SLA fanzines and other fan made material
  • Progressive News – news and events related to SLA Industries
  • The Dollhouse – a column covering miniatures, merchandise and any other non-RPG products
  • Shopping Spree – new equipment
  • Hunter Sheet – NPC profiles in Hunter Sheet format
  • Threat Analysis – new creatures, Conflict Aliens or perhaps also organisations
  • Worlds of Progress – Planet descriptions
  • The Crib – compact BPNs complete with forms
  • Selling Lifestyles – descriptions of lifestyles and subcultures
  • Better Life Through Chemistry – new drugs

Progress is coming.
-Mr. Slayer, New Year’s address 916 SD


  1. I’m going to start up tHE bIG pICTURE again – strictly 1st Ed., no art, pdf only.
    A lot of people have asked me about it recently and it just feels right.
    We still play and write for 1st Ed. so it’s a natural outlet for all that stuff! 🙂
    Do you have any copies of ‘Progress’ available?
    I’d love to see it!


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