Veteran of the Theran War – a veteran for Earthdawn

For the seventh year it goes against RPG-a-Day. To the veterans of this never ending struggle.

Veteran-a-Day, Day 15

Veteran of the Theran War

Legends touching. During the war, the songs and stories from all corners of Barsaive and from across the width and breadth of the Theran Empire rose up from camp fires, drifted out across no man’s land and intermingled, completed one another, and made each other’s structures ring clearer than before. Those, who were there to witness it, can still recall and tell of it, bringing to life once more at least a shadow, an echo of the resonances brought forth, then swept away by the winds of war.

The presence of and interaction with a Barsaivian veteran of the Theran War gives a +1 step bonus to Item History, while a so much further travelled Theran veteran grants a step bonus of +2.

for yennico

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay


  1. Thank you.

    How about a veteran in horror hunting/stalking for Eartbdawn? 😉 (bonus on resistances?)


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