Underworld Standard Typewriter – an enchantment for SLA Industries and Unknown Armies

Underworld Standard
28 enchantments and 3 wishes in thrice accursed, enchanted, bewitched January.

Today: Typewritten messages from beyond as the 7th enchantment

Underworld Standard Typewriter
If one types a question on this machine, it will type out the correct answer come midnight. At what cost, nobody knows…

Inspired by misreading the typewriter’s designation on the unmodified photo as “Underworld” instead of the original “Underwood”.
(Assigning this to Unknown Armies and SLA Industries was done post hoc and any number of other games, especially of a horror, modern occult or urban fantasy bent, would work equally well, of course.)

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  1. Who’s awesome?

    (Erinnert mich außerdem auch noch an eine von den schönen Gruselgeschichten aus den alten Sauer-Anthologien.)


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