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Geo Crusade“The Black Crusade” is a well known moniker for a campaign against the Incorporate states rumoured to be waged by elements of the GEO intelligence apparatus with tacit approval from the highest levels of GEO leadership. The Black Crusade reached new heights after an attempt to affect a political solution for the GEO’s dilemma surrounding the Incorporates failed spectacularly.
That very same failure also served as the inception date of a second intelligence cabal. Calling themselves “the Grey Crusade” this group began to set in motion new machinations, no longer aimed at the Incorporates but rather at the resurgent UN and the various Independent nations.

Since Recontact the ideological friction between the GEO and the Incorporate states had continuously increased over the years. Finally, in 2192 the GEO was poised to land a political coup that was meant to end the “Incorporate issue” once and for all.

A resolution to abolish the Incorporates was put before the General Assembly of the GEO. For once, though, the seemingly unassailable political giant found itself outmanoeuvred.

Several Independent nations, the world powers of old, had long chafed under the de-facto world dominance of the GEO. It was under their leadership, that the proposal was modified to couple the issue of the Incorporates with the dismemberment of the GEO.

For this, the Independents were citing the very same arguments that had been fielded against the continued existence of the Incorporate states – that they were products of the Blight, necessary for the survival of mankind during the trials of this singular crisis, but that they had no place in the post-Blight world.

The modified resolution was defeated, but it still meant a major setback for the GEO and heralded a new era.

Unlike the Incorporate situation, the rivalry between GEO and the Independents (along with the Independent-supported United Nations) had been largely restricted to the political arena prior to this turn of events.

Now, certain of the most radical anti-Incorporate elements within the GEO, especially members of the intelligence community previously involved with the Black Crusade, began to re-evaluate their priorities.

Despite ideological enmity, the Incorporates never had been an existential threat to the GEO as an entity. After 2192 the same could no longer be said of the Independents/UN. Here was the true – and more dangerous – enemy, an enemy that would require the concentrated effort of their new “Grey Crusade” to disrupt and eventually destroy.

Access Denied
Grey Poseidon
On Earth, the entrenched powerbase of the belligerents in this undeclared war, the situation remains the same as ever.

On Poseidon, though, the Grey Crusaders believe themselves to be in a far better position to go on the offensive. Their reasoning being that the ever-rising violence and terrorist activity on the colony world will serve to mask a direct action campaign the likes of which would be impossible on Earth.

As of now, the operatives of the Grey Crusade are still biding their time. They collect intelligence on the identity, capabilities, and movements of UN administrative personnel, UN Rangers, and Independent government agents in Haven and across the Serpentis system.

More direct activities are restricted to opportunistic operations with a minimal chance of exposure, also limiting their effectiveness.

This operational restraint is about fall on the wayside, though, as the senior Crusaders on Poseidon prepare to launch a sustained system-wide campaign aimed at bringing an end to UN and Independent colonial presence in one fell swoop.

Most Wanted
Nils Georgescu
An official GEO liaison officer to the Nippon Industrial State at the Incorporate’s primary colonial holding of Simushir, Nils is one of the Grey Crusade’s most valuable agents on Poseidon.

Originally put in place by the Black Crusade, he now uses his position to secretly stall the efforts of his former fellow conspirators, while at the same time collecting data on regional UN and Independent operations and the dealings between the NIS and the Grey Crusade’s enemies.

He has also begun to put out feelers to the NIS’ own intelligence service, both to gain further information and to manipulate them into doing the Grey Crusade’s work.

Most people who meet Nils are left with the impression of a paradoxical character, who none the less seems not the least bit conflicted with himself or his work. At once a diligent number-cruncher and a fanciful dreamer, he is a stickler for rules and regulations, who launches into passionate speeches about human freedom, flowing from the role of inflexible bureaucrat to a charming people’s person with no visible effort.

Species: Human, Modified
Origin: Urban
Backgrounds: GEO, Incorporate
Goal: Freedom
Motivation: Discontent
Attitude: Optimistic
Role: Grey Crusade liaison
Primary Attributes: Build 0, Fitness 0, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Awareness 1, Intellect 1, Presence 1, Will 1
Derived Attributes: Endurance 0, Reflexes 0, Strength 0, Toughness 0
Modifications: Neural Jack, Programmed Reflexes, Multiglands
Aptitudes: Administration, Culture (Superior); Athletics, Communication, Human Sciences, Vehicles (Strong)
Primary Skills: Bureaucracy 9, Computers 7, Earth Culture 5, Fast-Talk 6, GEO Culture 7, Incorporate Culture 7, Language (Japanese) 8, Language (Russian) 5, Law 5, Negotiation 5, Persuasion 6, Politics 7

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