Editorial: Sources for inspiration

Worldbuilding Adventure or even Character designing – nothing works for long without new input from elsewhere. Most favorite Sources for this are above all books, mostly novels and sometimes non-fiction ones (as see-able in the discussion board BuG for once loves the German “Was ist Was” books as a setting inspiration, directly followed by movies.) Sure enough books and movies are not alone!
Everybody gets their inspiration from somewhere else – a song in the radio, something you’ve seen outside or even a dream qualifies nicely. Such a list is endless in itself and if it is not, well it’s probably out there on some novelist page in the web.

Here I want to show you one of my sources. Granted, they work only for Modern or SciFi Settings most of the time, but this is already a lot in itself. I am talking about www.ted.com. I won’t dive into what it really is about and just stick with this: There you can see a bunch of Nerds (or visionaries.. whatever you prefer) go onto stage and talk about something new or revolutionary in science, culture or whatever. Cool thing is they are doing it on a level that even more or less normal people (read not rocket scientists) can understand.

Example? Fine..
After I looked at this talk I had to wonder about a “nice” BigBrother scenario in which the state gives its citizen a big dose of Oxytocin each day. What that means? Watch the talk and think about it yourself.
If that doesn’t help, perhaps our blog can. After all what you see here is already written for role-play. This week we have:

A new organization for Blue Planet with the name “The Grey Crusade” made by BuG. Monday you can read the English and German.

A new installment of our “What is..” article in which we ask “What is the Hermes-Alphabet?” in English and in German is available on Thursday .

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