Days of Ruin: Swanson Medical Center – a ruin for Shadowrun

Daily ruins (at least it is planned to be daily in the German version).

Day 26: Shadowrun.

Swanson Medical Center

Officially, the Swanson Medical Center has long been closed down. In practice, however, the hospital is being kept open by a mix of former staff and various other volunteers, although operations are increasingly hindered by wear and tear suffered by both facilities and inventory.

The Swanson Medical Center provides medical services to the local community, especially those members who would otherwise be unable to afford them. It also offers something that many more “traditional” street and shadow clinics have a hard time providing to their customers – long-term in-patient care.

Beyond that, a number of other parties and providers also make use of the facilities, co-existing with the Swanson Medical Center proper, from fixers and individual street docs to shadowrunners with a medical affinity and according to persistent rumours even some DocWagon teams and corporate researchers.

As a contact, the Swanson Medical Center has a Connection rating of 4.

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