Days of Ruin: Metro Investment & Reconstruction (MIR) – a ruin for Mage: the Ascension

Daily ruins (at least it is planned to be daily in the German version).

Day 6: Mage: the Ascension.

Metro Investment & Reconstruction (MIR)

The former earthly seat of a technocratic construct, the MIR office building now lies abandoned. Jointly established by Iteration X, NWO and the Syndicate following the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc, with the stated goal of managing the Union’s next great socio-techno-economic experiment, MIR and its associated amalgams are thought to have fallen victim to a massive paradox backlash that may also have erased much of their results from reality. Today, files and reports still to be found in the boarded up office complex between tables stacked along walls and archive boxes left behind offer tantalizing and disturbing glances at what might have been – or possibly was.

Sifting through the broken futures within the empty shell of MIR offers benefits as granted by the Node •• and Library •• backgrounds.

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