Days of Ruin: Vitreous Heap – a ruin for SLA Industries

Daily ruins (at least it is planned to be daily in the German version).

Day 7: SLA Industries.

Vitreous Heap

Known as the vitreous heap among Downtowners, this industrial ruin used to be a Dark Lament production plant dedicated to the crsytallisation of Flux gems. Details on the plant’s closure fall under the Data Protection Act, Section D.

Since the end of production, a series of illegal soft companies, the most recent of which goes by the name of HyperCoal, have engaged in trying to extract usable crystals from the dross of the vitreous heap. Such dross gems with their trickle of bitter tasting flux are an important source for the black market and Dark Lament spends a corresponding amount of ressources on their suppression.

HyperCoal dross gems are typically sold for 1,200u on the black market. They count as Burn Gems, with a luck roll deciding how much FLUX they contain. On a 11+ they contain one point of FLUX, on a 20+ two points, and on a failed roll, there is no usable amount of FLUX contained in the gem.

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