Days of Ruin: Fortress Precinct Preta II – a ruin for Dark Heresy

Daily ruins (at least it is planned to be daily in the German version).

Day 4: Dark Heresy.

Fortress Precinct Preta II

The fortress precinct on Preta II is a black mark on the Adeptus Arbites. Viewed from the outside, it still presents the brooding, indomitable face of Imperial law, but within it lies gutted and destroyed in the aftermath of a deadly prison revolt. Precious supplies and equipment, irreplaceable relics of law and archived case files and verdicts are buried under the rubble of fallen floors and caved-in basement levels. Unquenchable fires still rage through corridors after the years, fanned by the precinct’s ventilation systems, uncontrolled since the loss of the fortress command levels.

Limited to the use of a bare few rooms and halls near the roof landing platforms, the arbitrators still cling on obstinately, holding up appearances and the Law under the accusing fingers of black acrid smoke ever pouring from the devastated levels below. To the populace of Preta II, who know nothing of the precinct’s true state, the pillars of smoke are ominous signs of the fiery death they think awaits any heretic or recidivist caught by the grim soot faced judges.

A Soot Judge of Preta II gains Resistance (Heat) and Resistance (Poison (limited to airborne poisons only)) due to the conditions of their quarters in the precinct. The knowledge of their own guilt and the contempt of their fellow Arbites mean they also gain Rival (Adeptus Arbites) and Enemy (Adeptus Arbites). Soot Judge can be chosen at character creation as a background package for arbitrators costing no experience points.

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