Tage des Ruins: The City of Cages – a ruin for Earthdawn

Daily ruins (at least it is planned to be daily in the German version).

Day 22: Earthdawn.

The City of Cages

This immense collection of cages used to be a hub of the Theran slave trade. Cages in all shapes and sizes, of any material and in all states of disrepair seem to stretch on forever in all directions, sunken into the ground, towering up into the sky and running on and on in heaps and twisting passages of broken hardwood and corroded metal.

Restoration work on the cages counts as a minor act of devotion to Dis. However, leaving such work unfinished will displease the mad Passion greatly, each remaining bent bar and broken lock counting as a separate failure to act. Powerful servants of Dis know better than to even approach the vicinity of the City of Cages, for completely restoring it to its former glory would require many life times of slavishly devoted menial work. They tend to praise it as a worthy quest to their most ambitious underlings, however.

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