Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

The Middenman »The … who?« Carla Klauwitz, Middenheimer Citizen The old world knows its fair share of strange cults, secret societies and conspiracies. Most of them are concerned with the […]

Wordle Mind expanding disease

… this question by blut_und_glas was attempted to answer by Shadom, Blut_und_Glas, Hasran und ApokalypseTest. This time we offer ideas, concepts and plot-hooks for The Dresden Files, Blue Planet, Warhammer […]

Ale Wraith

When Ruprecht died in dat puddle of ‘is own barf, the Raven priest told us, we ‘ad to bury ‘im in a keg of “Goldmanns Best” or ‘e wudd cum […]