Widening Circles: Emi – a minor deity for Freeya

Kreis mit 6 Kanten
Time of the lower circles, the thirty-first day.

Emi is a minor circle deity of Areja, Tharn, Valan, Barar, Relthea, and Golog. After the elements had united and by this act of joining created Freeya, the world, their children, the gods of the first circle, wished to also give birth to something equally wonderful out of a communion of their own. Unlike their parents, though, the six siblings were not willing to give up their very self in the act. They did not vanish into a greater whole, but instead they sought to create something that would embody all of them but replace none of them, something that would include their essence as well as each of their essences, something to encompass their similarities as well as their differences, their relation and their individuality: Emi, language, by which Areja’s life could be just as easily expressed as Golog’s rot, Barar’s right as well as Valan’s journey, Relthea’s hate like Tharn’s honour, Areja’s pity but also Barar’s execution, Golog’s poison and Tharn’s sword, and Relthea’s intensity in the same manner as Valan’s skittishness. The great debates on whether Emi was the first common language of the gods in particular or whether she is all languages ever in general, on whether before Emi’s coming the elements, the gods and the world had been mute or whether the words already spoken back then took final shape and form in Emi, would not be possible without her incomparable gift.

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