RPG+Ally+a+Day: Tammuth ibn Sinh + Schari Milchblume, share + allies for The Dark Eye

Since 2014, RPGaDay poses daily questions about RPGs in August.
Since 2015, we resist by delivering daily thematic material for RPGs in August.
This year, the theme of the alternate August activity was to be “allies”. Ally-a-Day.
But what is that? The enemy appears to lower their arms. Instead of posing questions, RPGaDay2019 presents single word prompts, suddenly opening a path leading past the About towards the For.
While we do not wish to ignore the hand so offered, neither do we wish to cast out our allies because the enemy for once appears conciliatory.
Neither just RPG-a-Day nor just Ally-a-Day.
Not or, but and.
Not minus. Plus.


Day 4: Share + Allies

Tammuth ibn Sinh
No good deed goes unpunished. When Tammuth ibn Sinh, unaware of Nostrian customs, shared some water from his canteen with an elf in the pillory, there was an outcry. The criminal after all had been sentenced to a day in the pillory without food or water. That was obstruction of justice, and even more so, it was an alien conspiracy against the villagers’ moral spirit and against the law.


Schari Milchblume
Shared suffering is double suffering. Schari Milchblume had been accused of having offered half of his foul Andergastian pastry to the wife of the village headman. In Bückheim the proper sentence for such a crime was one day in the pillory without food or water. The generous elvish confectioner and the travelling Novadi merchant were thus revealed to be the basest of accomplices and the pair was thrown into prison on orders of the reeve. There they share the single cell and plot their escape.


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