Rustclaw Gorgoz versus Shinjin Maak – a rivalry for Earthdawn

Rival-a-Day, Day 2

Rustclaw Gorgoz
Gorgoz is a trollish Sky Raider of the ninth circle. A few weeks ago, he became the commander of the Arrowswift Thrust, a t’skrang river boat prowling the lower Serpent. The boat and its crew came under his command following a bet, seaed by a blood oath, between Shinjin Maak and him. Since then, Gorgoz is out to prove that the t’skrang river pirates have it much easier than the troll crystal raiders, by amassing more loot and plunder over the span of a year and a day at the helm of the Arrowswift Thrust than Shinjin on board Gorgoz own drakar.

Shinjin Maak
Shinjin Maak is a proud t’skrang, feared river pirate, bold capitain and accomplished Swordmaster of the seventh circle. A few weeks ago, though, his path has led him away from his familar river boat and the banks of his beloved Serpent and onto the deck of a drakar and into the mountains. At the head of his new crew of a year and a day, he is out to show just how effortless it is for a true pirate to capture a fortune’s worth among the clouds. At least, when he isn’t busy feeding the birds.

I am still in a bit of an Earthdawn mood following June. Also, pirate rivalries always work.


  1. Oooh! Die. Sind. Toll. Allein um diese Rivalität und das eigentlich abgegriffene Konzept des Rollentauschs könnte man eine kurze Kampagne stricken.

    Deshalb: Bleib bitte in Earthdawnlaune!


    1. Vielen Dank für das hohe Lob!

      Earthdawn bekommt sicher noch den einen oder anderen Beitrag diesen Monat.


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