Debby Fairchilde versus Missy Fairchilde – a rivalry for Spellslinge

Rival-a-Day, Day 1

Debby Fairchilde
Debacle Fairchilde (female half-elf Blackhand Gunfighter level 9), the first born of the two Fairchilde twins, is the one to take their little “game” far more seriously. To her, being first in a town and first to make it onto a wanted poster there is not so much a fun challenge but a matter of pride.

Missy Fairchilde
Misery Fairchilde (female half-elf Magus Gunfighter level 9) was the one to start the twin’s “game” when she started to wear her sister’s gloves in addition to the dark-tinted glasses she uses to hide the stigma of her own brand, robbing witnesses of the one easily distinguishable mark between the two outlaws.

Fellow German RPG-blogger Zornhau is organising a Western crossover theme-month in August, so it felt fitting to start the rivalries off with Spellslingers.

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