Deirdre versus The F – a rivalry for Shadowrun

Rival-a-Day, Day 3

>>>[Thing is, magicusers tend to have somewhat of a god complex. You can give them physical protection, they accept that. Beneath their notice. More so when they start to get the hang of the metaplanes. Prime material? Not so interesting anymore. Let the mundies handle that. And thus you get topnotch security by professionals, and a principal playing along with it. But a powerful magicuser more often than not will not have that same good sense when it comes to astral security. They are all powerful on the astral after all, aren’t they? That is their world to command. A world where they know best and not some pesky security advisor. And it’s true to an extent. Raw magical power counts for a lot once you go astral. But not for everything. And they forget that. And then it’s too late. And that’s what I can do for you.]<<< -Deirdre The F
>>>[Geek the mage first. Only sometimes, it’s just the mage, specifically the mage who needs to be taken down. Then you want me. Simple as that.]<<< -The F Notes
For Shadowrun, it’s the classic professional rivalry. Two specialists, competing in a tight market. That market, in this case, being astral combat. Not magical support or even ghost busting or whatever but straight-up combat beyond the physical plane. Astral samurai, so to speak. Or maybe astral killers.

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