Rook and Archikeleustes Adrastia Torch – flyers and pilots for Renegade Legion


The Rook is an experimental Renegade/Commonwealth heavy fighter optimized for strikes and intercepts using straight line high speed passes. The envisioned ideal engagement for the Rook has it firing its impressive load of missiles on the approach, switching to its quad heavy laser turret during its pass of its target and as it accelerates away.

Type: Heavy Fighter
Mass: 191
Cost: 3,821,500

Right Engine Rating 1150
Left Engine Rating 1150

Thrust: 6
(with 2 Lasers replaced) 7

Streamlining: No
AntiGrav: Yes

Bow 60
Right 40
Left 40
Stern 50

Bow 80
Right 70
Left 70
Stern 80

7.5/6 Laser (Turret #1)
7.5/6 Laser (Turret #1)
7.5/6 Laser (Turret #1)
7.5/6 Laser (Turret #1)
Hardpoint (R/Wing)
Hardpoint (R/Wing)
Hardpoint (L/Wing)
Hardpoint (L/Wing)
Hardpoint (Bow)

…and pilots

Archikeleustes Adrastia Torch
Archikeleustes Torch is the direct product of the second part of the experimental programme that led to the construction of the Rook heavy turret fighter, a streamlined pilot training focussing on piloting skills while deemphasising gunnery, allowing for faster pilot replacement and a broader recruitment pool.

Combat Missions in Present Fighter: 7
Confirmed Kills: 5
Piloting Skill: 6
Gunnery Skill: 4

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