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Quite a bit of material accumulated over the last few weeks:

Of course, the big surprise three weeks ago was the announcement of an upcoming Kickstarter campaign for a lavish print edition of the CS1 skirmish game core rulebook. Daruma plan to limit the crowdfunding to this single product and keep with their traditional preorder system for everything else. However, there will be some special character miniatures included for backers of the Kickstarter (one of them, the heavily armoured and melee equipped SHIVER Sgt. Rooker was already previewed). The Kickstarter will go live on 9-August.

As part of the announcement, the initial faction lineup – which was already known from the playtest documents – also received an update:

In addition to SHIVERs and Carriens – both of whom already got miniatures, with more Carriens currently in the works – as well as Scavs and SLA Operatives – currently represented by one entry into the Progressive Range, each -, Dark Night and Cannibals were added to the roster (indeed I was quite surprised that the latter were not included before – after all it is a Cannibal Sector game).

The next to get a unit box will be the Scavs, whose playtest rules are also about to be made available.

Speaking of playtests, there were now several public playtest events at several conventions and stores. The miniatures as well start to filter into the regular brick-and-mortar distribution chain.

Other than the CS1 core rulebook, which will double as an expanded settingbook on Cannibal Sector 1, and the slowly but steadily progressing reprint of the original SLA Industries core rules, there was also some concrete information on new RPG material for the first time this month: An official Shi’An sourcebook is the first title confirmed to be in preparation (which brings the total of SLA Industries cult sourcebooks to at least three if you count the (semi-)inofficial material).

More information may be forthcoming at SLA Open Day this August.

Finally, as is to be expected from SLA Industries, there is also new merchandise.

As for the Halloween Jack bundle, it, as well as the Progressive Range entries still missing from the blog, will get their own short photo articles in the near future.

Stay SLA!

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