+100 – an anniversary

In March, we turned 500 articles.

Tomorrow, 01-August 2016, we turn 5 years – and 600 articles.

Time to rerun the numbers from March regarding gaming material versus other articles published on the blog.

The 100 new articles (including the March analysis, which was the 501st, and today’s analysis, which is the 600th) are distributed as follows:

74 articles qualify as material.
17 articles do not qualify as material.
9 articles are inbetween.

That gives us 74 – 83 % material on these 100 articles, a pronounced increase on the lower end (i.e., when discarding the inbetweens) but an at best marginal one on the higher end. In other words, the number of inbetween articles decreased in favour of more material, but the ratio of unproductive articles remained more or less constant.

In total, over the last five years, we published 410 articles with material and 84 articles which perhaps could be considered material when one feels generous, accounting for 68,3 – 82,3 % of our output.

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