Progressive News Digest – CS1 playtest rules for SLA Industries

Daruma SLA Logo
The big news since our last digest of Daruma’s SLA updates is, of course, the publication of the playtest rules for the CS1 skirmish game. Daruma has certainly made good on their promises from the Expo on this front.

Regarding the RPG, re-setting and re-layouting the core rules is approaching finalisation, so the actual re-print is drawing near, as is the production of the limited edition goodies to go with it.

On the Open Day in August at the latest, but probably before then, information should also be forthcoming on the plans for new RPG products (although the statements during Expo seemed pretty clear, that this is not yet the big world (of progress) shattering re-work (otherwise known as “SLA 2.0”)).

Well, and the merchandise catalogue continues to grow. (Pretty SLA in and of itself if you ask me.)

Stay SLA!

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