TIB Glass Knife

With the Glass Knife newcomer The Invisible Blade (TIB) makes a furious entry into the hotly contested bladed weapons market. The unpowered weapon applies advanced cutting surface technologies to a […]


Another older design, the SLA-P got phased out as a standard semi-automatic pistol for operative use early in the 9th century SD. A solid firearm manufactured directly by SLA Industries […]

SPIT Pistol

Continuing our stroll through the arsenals of the past we come across the SPIT pistol, little brother to the STRIPPER directed energy assault weapon. Weighing only 2 kg compared to […]

STRIPPER Assault Rifle

Directed energy weapons have gone out of favour in the World of Progress but times were when these weapons dominated battlefields ranging from the blood-soaked plains of War Worlds to […]

Conrad P-008.8

Conrad already was an established arm’s maker long before the rise of SLA Industries. During the conflict war era which preceded the formation of the World of Progress Conrad supplied […]

Karma BioScope

BioScope endoscopes put technology developed in other areas of biogenetic research to medical use. The optical nerves of highly sensitive eyes are threaded through a thin sheath of strong musculature […]

Disposable Endoscope

Boopa disposable endoscopes provide diagnostic tools for emergency situations. The endoscopes are packaged in ready to use kits which can be easily added to existing medical kits. A disposable endoscope […]

Examination Chair

Mercy’s examination chair is designed along the tried and true lines of examination and treatment chairs anywhere in the World of Progress. Where the chair really comes into its own […]

Fluid Flesh

A product of the biogenetic think tanks of Orienta Fluid Flesh is designed to replace massive losses of tissues due to major traumatic injuries. Fluid Flesh takes the form of […]

Spray Gloves

RATek brand spray gloves provide a high degree of mechanical protection without loss of manual dexterity or tactile sensitivity as well as an effective barrier versus chemical and biological contaminants. […]