Ophiuchus V versus Xeno Queen – a rivalry for Blue Planet

Rival-a-Day, Day 15

Ophiuchus V
The Ophiuchus V is a fast boat fusion torch ship on a regular run between Earth and Poseidon. Over the years, an intense rivalry concerning the speed of the journey has developed between the Opiuchus V’s crew and that of the Xeno Queen, another fast boat. As the flights themselves are tightly calculated with virtually no variation possible, this boils down to how quickly the ships can be turned around at either end. The Opiuchus V is currently in the lead by five days.

Xeno Queen
The Xeno Queen, XQ or Queen to her crew, is the torch ship racing the Opiuchus V on the Earth-Poseidon route. The Xeno Queen’s crew maintains that the ongoing race started when the Opiuchus V bribed officials at Prosperity Station to insert their ship before the Queen in the docking cue, despite the Queen having arrived earlier. This spurred the crew on to complete unloading before the interlopers, after they were finally guided into a docking berth right next to the Opiuchus V occupying ‘their’ berth.

A race! (In Space…)


    1. Danke für das Lob, und immer wieder gerne.

      Mir hat die Idee vom Wettrennen, bei dem sich die Teilnehmer/Rivalen immer nur kurze Augenblicke tatsächlich begegnen gefallen. Insgesamt finde ich den “Pendelverkehr” zwischen der Erde und Poseidon einen interessanten Aspekt von Blue Planet, aus dem sich auch spielerisch schöne Möglichkeiten ergeben – unter den älteren Blue Planet-Artikeln hier im Blog sind daher auch drei oder vier (oder sogar mehr?) zu finden, die das Thema behandeln oder streifen.


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