Operation Silt Sphere – material for Company Militia on Charlie’s Point for SLA Industries

Charlie's Point
A discussion reminded me of these old notes for playing Company Militia on Charlie’s Point:

Character creation for Company Militia soldiers:

  • 200 points, stats starting at 5
  • See below for available training packages
  • 100c for persanl equipment, SCL 11

Company Militia Training Packages:

  • Basic Militia
    • Throw (PHYS)
    • Drive Civilian (CONC)
    • Weapon Maintenance (CONC)
    • Rifle (DEX)
    • Paramedic (DIA)
    • Blade, 1-H (STR)
  • Militia Support
    • Auto/Support (PHYS)
    • Marksman (CONC)
    • Weapon Maintenance (CONC)
    • Rifle (DEX)
    • Paramedic (DIA)
    • Blade, 1-H (STR)
  • Militia Medic
    • Medical Practice (KNOW)
    • Medical Surgery (CONC)
    • Weapon Maintenance (CONC)
    • Rifle (DEX)
    • Paramedic (DIA)
    • Blade, 1-H (STR)
  • Militia Systems Operator
    • Navigation (KNOW)
    • Computer Use (DIA)
    • Weapon Maintenance (CONC)
    • Rifle (DEX)
    • Paramedic (DIA)
    • Blade, 1-H (STR)

Not included in any of the training packages but still immensely useful on Charlie’s Point: Ranks in the local language skill “Minh”. Though Killian and Shaktar might also help somewhat instead. Might.

Standard equipment for Company Militia infantry deployed to Charlie’s Point on pacification duty:

  • Arms and ammunition
    • 1 GA50 ‘Finisher’ 10mm assault rifle
    • 7 magazines for GA50
    • 140 rounds 10mm Standard Rifle
    • 2 DA93/m fragmentation grenades (+2 Blast Rating compared to the operative DA90)
    • 2 DA240 gas grenades
    • 1 BOSH BLAC ‘Black Ministry’ combat knife (as SLA Blade, although non-aerodynamic, can be used as bayonet for GA50)
  • Clothing and protective gear
    • 1 CAF Padquil C flak vest (+1 PV compared to the civilian version)
    • 1 MAL 966 or 967 combat helmet (PV 5 ID 7, head only)
    • 1 MAL ‘Dreamer’ gas mask
    • 1 AW MM8 ‘Smoke’ acid-repellent rain poncho
    • 1 set camouflage clothing, camouflage patterns CP1c, CP3v or CP22 (various manufacturers; CP27 pending arrival)
  • Other equipment
    • 1 GA light weapon maintenance kit (reduced contents compared to the operative version)
    • 1 LAD tag
    • 1 SMS first aid kit (wound dressings, desinfectant, 1 dose Kickstart in pre-loaded, ready-to-use syringe)
    • 1 Code Indigo tablet dispenser (contains a 7 day supply of all mandated supplements, vaccines, and prophylactics)
    • 5 ‘Mime’ daily rations
    • 2 1 litre canteens with LA PU-R filter attachment
    • 1 Magharness 22p load carrying system
    • 1 ‘Pearl’ strapless backpack for use with Magharness 22p
  • For Systems Operator
    • 1 HERMES long range communicator
    • 1 Beyond the Pale ‘Lens’ computer system
    • 1 Track opticS motion scanner
    • 1 Track opticS atmosphere monitor (early warning system for battlefield contamination)
    • 1 Third Eye Nava-Map
    • 1 Third Eye ‘Silver’ handheld gel monitor
    • 1 R8 ‘Forecaster’ meteorological sensor
    • 8 Chippy links

The Systems Operators’ specialist equipment is centred on the usually belt-carried Lens computer, which can be connected to other equipment via its 5 chippy ports and allows all systems to be centrally controlled and all their outputs collectively monitored on the single portable gel monitor. Additional sensors or equipment, such as triggers for directed anti-personnel charges, perimeter sensors, special communication systems or other devices, can also be hooked into the Lens network, where available.

(Also, let me briefly note that equipment for Charlie’s Point already made a prior appearance on d6ideas in the form of the Tower Aerospace Firedrake.)

That’s Charlie’s Point.

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