Only War Heroes

Hero (Guardsman Speciality)
Characteristic Bonus: Fellowship +5 or Willpower +5
Starting Aptitudes: Agility, Defence, Fellowship, Fieldcraft, Offence, Perception, Willpower
Starting Skills: Acrobatics or Athletics, Charm or Inquiry, Dodge or Naviagte (Surface), Scrutiny or Survival
Starting Talents: Berserk Charge or Lightning Reflexes or Radiant Presence, Weapon Training (Las or Solid Projectile, Low-Tech)
Starting Traits: Dead
Specialist Equipment: Honorifica Imperialis (awarded posthumously)
Wounds: 0

Hero Advances
Type: Passive
Cost: 300 xp
Effect: After failing a Test, the Hero may burn a Fate Point to succeed with three Degrees of Success. The Hero may not use Fate Points to add further Degrees of Success to this Test. He may, however, burn additional Fate Points to add two additional Degress of Success per Fate Point so burned.

Type: Passive
Cost: 200 xp
Effect: The Hero may burn Fate Points on behalf of other Guardsmen and comrades. Whenever he does, he will be subject to whatever damage or effect the other character avoided himself.

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