Norden versus Nether Elysian – a rivalry for D&D

Rival-a-Day, Day 25

Norden is the traditional common language of the Northlands, a status it maintains mainly in the free Northlands. Especially in the border regions and in recently conquered parts of the province the use of the language is considered an act of defiance against the Elysian oppressors. If both sender and receiver are proficient in Norden, a sender who is not proficient in Persuasion gains half their proficiency bonus on Persuasion rolls.

Nether Elysian
Nether Elysian is the common language of the Elysian Empire. Especially in new parts of the empire, the Elysians make a point of establishing the language. If a character who is not proficient in History but is proficient in Nether Elysian, they gain half their proficiency bonus on History rolls.

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