Nobinsk and Pavel Petrovich Nikolayev – ships and captains for The Red Star


The Nobinsk is a Red merchant skybarge. Originally built for intercontinental transport, the disruptions of the URRS’ downfall see the aging skyship run any route as long as it is paid.

Name Crew Pass Cargo Init Maneuver Top Speed Defense Damage Reduction
Nobinsk 750 500 32,000 tons -8 -8 140 (14) 2 25
Name Hit Points Size Weight Hardpoints Purchase DC Restriction Weapons Extras
Nobinsk 380 C 40,000 tons 15 (15) 53 Res (+2)

…and captains

Pavel Petrovich Nikolayev
Pavel (Zek level 7, Red Fleet Officer level 2) was released from the special labour camps under an amnesty following the fall of the URRS. His experience as a junior Red Fleet deck officer prior to his arrest and as a skyship engineering foreman following it, gave him the means, the will, and the connections to claw his way up to command of the Nobinsk.

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The Red Star Campaign Setting ist © Green Ronin Publishing, LLC.

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