New Strategy: Patience

During my games of Twilight Imperium, I realized that the 4-player game is a bit odd. Since none of the 8 Strategies remain in the common play area, no Bonus Counters are used and there will be no surprises which Strategy cards will be used this round. The answer is always all of them.
In the 8-player version of the game it is even more annoying because you only have one Strategy. I have seen a ton of posts which address that problem. The answer is always simple. There has to be a ninth Strategy card.

Well, so here is my take on this topic and it is called Patience. The ninth Strategy obviously would have the Initiative 9 so it would act after the Imperial or Bureaucracy card. That is usually not a good spot to act. So the Strategy had to be strong without being a game winner like Imperial. I looked through the Strategy cards which already existed in the game and reviewed solutions found by other players. The most common solution was to make the ninth card a flexible joker. The problem I had with this, it brought nothing new to the table.

Around that time, I realized that most people thought the Yssaril Tribes were kind of broken because of their ability to stall and skip turns. Well, and that gave me the idea. A Strategy card which would give you a stall option and that is how Patience was born.
The nice thing is the card should work with every combination of Strategy cards. I usually play with the white deck and Assembly II. So there might be combinations out there which I haven’t tried and simply don’t work with Patience, but I doubt that. You can include the card in all variants of the game from 3 to 8 players. Just stick to the number of Strategy cards you would normally draw with this number of players and it should work out.

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