Metasilepin – sciene-gone-too-far in SLA Industries

Science-gone-too-far in SLA Industries (for the third time):


SLA Industries loves its killers. Despite the admiration bordering on hero worship that is heaped upon even – and perhaps particularly – the most savage and brutal of murderers as long as they possess some sort of legitimation be it in the form of an SCL card, a Nitro-Legion uniform or a Circuit amnesty, the powers that be have little genuine interest in letting psychologically unstable, violently predisposed persons with the training, equipment and often enough the license to kill roam the streets of Mort unchecked. This creates a dilemma pitting the disinhibition thought necessary for completing missions and the media’s legitimate interest in ratings against concerns about the security and integrity of infrastructure, employees and civilians. Solving this dilemma is the task of the Department of Psychology and Psychoses – and one of its tools is Metasilepin.

Metasilepin is a highly effective neuroleptic drug. It fast acting with a short half life and is specific to certain disorders. Metasilepin acts to counter dissocial disorders and thus combat the causes of dangerous and violent behaviour in civilian environments. Upon stopping the medication the surpressed tendencies quickly resurface at full strength, enabling the successful completion of violent combat missions. In the aftermath of such missions, the effects of the medication quickly take hold again as Metasilepin treatment is resumed.

  • Game Effects: A dose of Metasilepin reduces the ranks in Psychosis (Psychopathy) by 10 for 1 hour and by 5 for the following hour. For the entire duration, all active actions are at -4.
  • Addiction: -1 PHYS per 5 doses.
  • Detox. Effects: -2 COOL permanent.
  • Addiction: 1 per day.
  • Stress:
  • Cost: 2c per dose/40u per dose (black market).

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