What Is… a Tagträumer – another fragment

A multiple (German) blogs spanning question and thus only one possible answer here and now:

Warhammer 40,000 (blut_und_glas)
The Tagträumer is – was – the private pleasure starship of a particularly decadent Imperial noble. She has turned from dream come true into a living nightmare since being boarded and taken over by a small band of Dark Eldar. The ship’s new masters found ready use of the ship’s oppulent drug automanufactorums, exotic menageries, and dilligently filled slave quarters in bending its silk cushioned studios and banquet halls, and its narcotic vapour filled galleries and state rooms, to dreams and pleasures all of their own.

(Also transferable to Warhammer Fantasy, with rivers and oceans taking the place of space and Dark Elves instead of Dark Eldar, obviously.)

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