Love & War

Romance & Warhammer 40,000 that is eminently doable, not just storywise but also regarding game material. Romance & Only War raises the difficulty for that but still gives plenty of options to work from.

One of the most interesting parts of Only War – especially compared to the other entries into the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay family – to work with/on are the Regiment Creation rules. Bending those to somehow include “romance” may seem like a stretch at first. Until, of course, you start thinking about commanding officers and personality traits:

New Commanding Officer Personality

The regiment’s commander is a hopeless romantic, always longing after someone or something, trying to take in the terrible beauty of a world even as he prepares to crush it under his regiment’s heels.
Cost: 2 points
Starting Aptitude: Fellowship

Some variants I considered include Linguistics and Trade (Remembrancer) as starting skills (dropping cost to 1 point, and focussing on the idea of a commander whose love of prose and poetry affects his regiment) or Heightened Senses (any) as a starting talent (stressing the idea of perceiving beauty – and danger).

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