Kari Q versus Vitus Clay – a rivalry for SLA Industries

Rival-a-Day, Day 23

Kari Q
Boredom! Kari Q is a recreational terrorist. From time to time, she goes for drugs and the TV remote to escape the monotony of afternoons and evenings in Downtown like everyone else around her, but most often the bright athletic teenager goes for her sports bag and its varying random assortment of propaganda leaflets, illegal electronics, explosives or weapons and fights for Dark Night. And should she find herself pressed against a wall, holding her breath while a SHIVER patrol passes her hiding spot, or in an all-out race wearing sneakers, shorts and a raincape against SLA Operatives, she might even feel truly alive.

Vitus Clay
Duty. Vitus Clay is a SLA Operative with heart and soul. Despite his success and its fruits, he spents almost every waking minute working and on the streets, protecting SLA Industries and Mort. His greatest efforts are directed towards the protracted hunt for Dark Night agents in Downtown.

Ops and robbers.

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